About Us

What We Do

Gumboots Media is a film and animation company.

Leveraging the power of the medium, we are able to combine the artistry of traditional filmmaking with the most advanced developments in motion picture technology to create evocative films with a strong message, and to enable others to do so through educational courses & workshops.

Gumboots Media has proven experience in feature films, documentaries, broadcast, animation and commercial projects.

Who We Are

The Gumboots Media team is led by Gregory Close and Gregory McKneally.

Based in Iliffe Yard Studios, a vibrant community of filmmakers, artists and designers, the Gumboots Media team draws on a wide network to complete each project and to provide insight into film & animation production strategies, technical education and guidance.

Gregory Close

Head of Production

Working with the crews on the multitude of projects that erupted during the mid 1990’s and onwards in the area of Durban, South Africa was Greg’s formative training in the media business.
Concerts, sports events and large dance music events were the bedrock of Greg’s experience, so managing the logistics of film production & education seemed a natural progression.

Since settling on UK shores, Greg has enjoyed working with Cake Media on the London leg of the Carling tour, has hurtled around Brixton with The Shoot Experience Photography crew and keeps the Gumboots productions running smoothly.

Recent work with London Underground, Nissan, Dyson, Mouchel Plc and The Corporate Games have solidified his skills with major clients. Greg's interest in marketing strategy and finance gives him an edge when meeting with our clients and managing the process of finding the right strategy for each project or workshop.

Greg graduated from The University of Natal in 1996 with majors in Business Administration, Marketing and Psychology.

Gregory McKneally

Visual Effects Supevisor, 3D Artist

Hailing from then US, but raised in Canada, Gregory’s abilities as a filmmaker, animator and instructor have been celebrated in numerous music videos, short films, educational films and documentaries – including the award-winning projects: In Your Eyes, The Age of Stupid, Totem
and Light Noise.




He recently was Visual Effects Supervisor and Lead Animator for the award-winning feature film, ‘The Age of Stupid’, and was technical director and set designer for the Emmy award-winning Access Democracy in New York City (bringing young people together with Mayoral Canditates).

Gregory is the founder of international moving image collaborative The Photon Shepherds who's films and live-mixed performances have been showcased at clubs, galleries and festivals around the world.


Gregory also leads workshops in animation and filmmaking for Gumboots in the UK and around the world specialising in 3D animation, editing and post-production for all levels – from introductory lessons to advanced workshops for Masters Degree students.

Gregory studied painting and animation at Yale University and completed his Masters in Digital Art at Camberwell College of Art, University of the Arts, London, in 2003.